Together with our partners we make Rotary climate-friendly and sustainable!

Every Club Climate Friendly is the ESRAG initiative that we are a part of and strongly support.

End Warming Now (EWN) has a similar approach to ours: They help Clubs to calculate the CO2 footprint online during workshops with all club members and encourage to compensate. They also calculate during and for events. In our partnership with EWN we will build a common pool of compensation projects and we have a common list of clubs that have calculated and compensated their CO2 footprint.

End Plastic Soup is an international Rotary project that focuses on reducing the negative impact of plastic on our environment and especially reducing pollution of the oceans, the soil and the air we breathe. Decreasing the amount of plastic pollution and reducing the use of one way plastic also has an important impact on reducing CO2!

„Every Club a Climate Fresk“ is a project started by Barbara Zitzmann-Tengelmann (RC Passport Eco Planet, D 1900). Barbara is in the leader team of the ESRAG DACH Group. Climate Fresk is a global NGO dedicated to mobilizing people and organizations around climate change since late 2018. Their tool, the „Climate Fresk“ offers high-quality climate education based on scientific evidence from IPCC reports that can be easily implemented in organizations and communities. Over one million people have already laid this puzzle to better understand the causes and impacts of climate change. The Climate Fresk workshop is collaborative, creative, and science-based. Participants can explore the cause-and-effect chain of CO2 emissions in a fun way using maps from IPCC reports. The workshop actively promotes opportunities for action and project ideas to combat climate change. In just three hours, participants work together to develop changes and outline transformation projects.

For the next workshop dates please contact Barbara via Email to:

Rotary´s climate forest in the Great Green Wall“ in Senegal – this project supports not only establishing and caring for a forest but also educating and empowering women, furthering entrepreneurship and economic development etc. The CO2 effect will probably be 17.500 tons. You can compensate the emissions of your club with this project. Please find more information in this brochure or on the website

The initiative „Be A Hero Go Net Zero“ encourages Rotarians and Rotaracters to calculate and compensate their individual private footprint. Each participant will receive a certificate. Please consider participating in this initiative to also send a signal to your Club friends.