The best way to compensate your clubs or districts CO2 footprint is to start your own, local CO2 compensation project! Here is a list of possible projects you can start.

Financial carbon compensation is a very delicate topic because there have been several occasions when the money that was paid for compensation was not used in a proper way or did not lead to the promised compensation of CO2. Therefore we do not recommend any projects outside of Rotary or without connection to Rotary.

There are many Rotary projects worldwide that improve sustainability. The best way to support these projects is through „The Rotary Foundation“ and its „Fundraising platform for Carbon compensation“.

The amount of money you want to spend per ton of CO2e is up to you. The current emission price of a ton of CO2e in Europe is approximately 88 Euros (April 2023).

Currently we are only aware of 2 projects connected with Rotary with a certified amount of CO2 that is compensated. The „Rotary Climate Forest“ (a description is available in dropbox) and the „Solvatten Water Filter“ (for details visit website) which has a CO2 certificate.