The best way to compensate your clubs or districts CO2 footprint is to start your own, local CO2 compensation project! Here is a list of possible projects you can start.

You can also support existing projects financially. There are different organisations and many different projects that enable the compensation of your CO2 footprint. Generally it is important that
1) Your money creates additional activities (and e.g. does not pay for trees that would be planted anyway).
2) You should only choose officially certified activities.
3) The projects are monitored for a long time (i.e. are you sure, that the trees you planted are cared for and watered during the next 20 years?)

The following list is not a complete list of all high quality options. Please send an email to if you come across other recommendable options that are missing here.
Disclaimer: Please make a careful selection with up to date information, we cannot assume any responsibilities for your choice, all prices may vary. The list is sorted alphabetically, starting with the Rotary-related projects.

Rotary Climate Forest in the Great Green Wall in Senegal – this project supports not only establishing and caring for a forest but also educating and empowering women, furthering entrepreneurship and economic development etc. The CO2 effect will probably be 17.500 tons. You can compensate the emissions of your club with this project. Please find more information in this brochure or on the website

Solvatten Water Filter (well known in the Rotary community already) – approx. 131 Euro for 1-2 tons CO2e per year of usage – this project has not yet been certified. Here you can see a CO2 estimation.

Atmosfair Method: Different projects worldwide, varying prices per ton CO2e,, Customers: e.g. Harvard University, ETH Zürich, Öko-Institut e.V.

ClimatePartner Method: Different projects worldwide, Customers: e.g. EON, Canon, Nestle

Climeworks Method: Direct Air Carbon Capture and Storage (DACCS), approximately 1000 Euro per ton CO2e,, Customers: e.g. Boston Consulting Group, Microsoft, Swiss Re

Cool Earth is a recommended charity for rainforest protection.

Positerra Method: Sustainable Farming by creation of Humus, approximately 60 Euro per ton CO2e,

PrimaKlima Method: Planting of trees in Germany, Indonesia, approximately 15 Euro per ton CO2e,

World Land Trust and World Wide Fund for Nature are recommended for planting additional trees.