How sustainable and climate friendly is your Rotary oder Rotaract Club?
Become Sustainable! is a project that supports your Rotary or Rotaract Club on the journey to becoming climate friendly and sustainable. Our Rotary or Rotaract Clubs are currently on the journey to sustainability and want to share all our experiences, tools and know-how – and we will also tell you our mistakes and the dead-ends we ran into. Step by step we want to cover all aspects of sustainability to make all clubs environmentally friendly. We work hand in hand and strongly support different many partners. We also support districts on their journey to become sustainable and climate friendly.

Join the clubs listed below that have already started the journey – together we will make the whole Rotary family climate friendly and sustainable. We publish this list to enable networking between the participating clubs. The future is now – let us shape it together!

Green Star Rotary and Rotaract Clubs – all CO2 emissions of a club year calculated and compensated by a trustfully certified project (Definition of ESRAG – Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group)
District 1842
RC München-Residenz
District 1900
RC Passport Eco Planet
District 5170
RC San Jose

Participating Rotary and Rotaract Clubs that started journey to being climate friendly and sustainable
District 1020
Rotary Club IWT
District 1180
Rotary E-Club of Innovation
District 1550
RC Weert
District 1590
RC Leefklimaat
Distrikt 1800
RC Stolzenau
District 1810
Rotary eClub Köln
District 1820
RC Wiesbaden Rhein-Main
District 1841
RAC Augsburg
RC Bavaria International
RC Ingolstadt
District 1842
RAC München-Bavaria
RAC München-Residenz (Footprint calculated)
RAC München (Footprint calculated)
RC München 100
RC München Friedensengel
RC München International
RC München Land
RC München Lehel
District 1850
RAC Bremen
RAC Ostfriesland
District 1860
RAC Darmstadt
RC Hockenheim
RAC Ludwigshafen-Franktenthal
RAC Mannheim
RC Palatinate Global
District 1880
RC Fürth
RC Nürnberg Connect
District 1900
RC Essen-Ruhr
District 1930
RC Achern Bühl (Footprint calculated)
RAC Freiburg
RAC Friedrichshafen
RAC Konstanz-Kreuzlingen
District 1940
RAC Berlin International
RC Kühlungsborn-Bad Doberan
District 1950
RC Bamberg-Schloss Geyerswörth
District 1980
RC Basel-Dreiländereck
RC Basel International
RAC Zürich
District 2241
RAC Timisoara Ripensis
District 2350
RC Stockholm Djurgarden 
Distrikt 2420
RAC Istanbul-Tuzla
RC Istanbul-Eurasia
District 5400
RC Boise Metro