How sustainable and climate-friendly is your Rotary oder Rotaract Club?
Rotary is successfully acting to make the world a better place. But all Rotarian activities, e.g. traveling to conferences and events, also cause CO2 emissions. CO2 and other greenhouse gases are causing climate change, that is already today has a negative impact on many people worldwide – and the consequences for our grandchildren will be much worse if we do not act to mitigate climate change. We do not want reduced Rotary activities but let us conduct as many of them as possible in a carbon-clever way! The project „Every Club Climate Friendly – Become Sustainable!“ offers you support and solutions: We assist you to make your Rotary or Rotaract Club climate-friendly and sustainable!

We have developed a CO2 footprint calculator that enables clubs and districts to calculate their emissions for all club activities for one Rotary year. The calculator is translated in 6 languages already. After your data input you get a calculation report that you can show in your club. 

Based on the report our project team will propose actions for your club to reduce CO2 and we also have a complete list of projects to compensate and reduce CO2. Two years after the start of the project „Every Club Climate Friendly – Become Sustainable!“ we have more than 140 interested and participating clubs from 24 countries! If you live in Europe, North or South America or Africa: Join now and send an email to with your name, your mobile phone number, your club name, your district and your country!

We work hand in hand with different partners. We also support to make events & districts climate-friendly and sustainable. We publish the list below to show you in which districts our 11 ambassadors are active that can also support your club. Please contact us via email to if you want to join as ambassador in your district or want to get in touch with an ambassador. The list also enables networking between the participating clubs. The future is now – let us shape it together!

Interested and participating Rotary & Rotaract & Inner Wheel Clubs
(Green Star Rotary and Rotaract Clubs have calculated the CO2 emissions of a club year and compensated by a trustfully certified project.)
District 1010
RC Aberdeen Deeside
District 1020
District 1070 – Ambassador Chris D.
RC Kimbolton Castle – Green star since 2022/2023
RC Loughborough Beacon – Calculation started
District 1080
Rotary E-Club of Innovation
RC Norwich St Edmund
District 1100
RC Thornbury
District 1145
RC Godalming Woolsack
District 1320
RC Kirkcudbright
District 1550
RC Weert
District 1570 – Ambassador Elina M.
RC Huizen Gooimeer
District 1590 Ambassador Francine W.
RC Leefklimaat – Footprint calculated since 2022/23
District 1610
RC Goes
District 1660
RAC Paris
Distrikt 1800
RC Stolzenau
District 1810 – Ambassador Bernhard C.
RC Bonn International
Rotary eClub Köln – Calculation started
RC Solingen
District 1820 – Ambassador Bernhard C.
RC Frankfurt Städel
RC Kronberg
RC Wiesbaden Rhein-Main
RC Wiesbaden Rheingau
District 1841
RAC Augsburg
RC Bavaria International
RC Ingolstadt
RC Lake Starnberg International
RC Kaufbeuren
District 1842
IWC Passau
RAC München-Bavaria
RAC München-Residenz (Footprint calculated since 2021/22)
RAC München (Footprint calculated since 2021/22)
RC Dorfen
RC Ebersberg-Grafing
RC Erding
RC Freyung-Grafenau
RC Gauting Würmtal
RC Mainburg-Hallertau
RC München 100
RC München-Bavaria
RC München Flughafen
RC Münchener Freiheit
RC München Friedensengel – Calculation started
RC München International
RC München Land
RC München Lehel
RC München Mitte
RC München Ost
RC München-Residenz (Green Star since 2021/22)
RC München Solln
RC München-West
RC Oberes Isental
RC Rottaler Bäderdreieck
RC Vilshofen
District 1850
RAC Bremen
RAC Osnabrück
RAC Ostfriesland
RC Uelsen-Coevorden
District 1860Ambassador Matthias B.
RAC Darmstadt (Footprint calculated since 2022/23)
RAC Ludwigshafen-Franktenthal
RAC Mannheim
RC Hockenheim
RC Mannheim-Kurpfalz
RC Palatinate Global
District 1870
RC Düsseldorf-Nordrhein
RC Kleve Schloss Moyland
District 1880
RC Fürth
RC Nürnberg Connect (Green Star since 2022/23)
District 1890 – Ambassador Bodo W.
RC Hamburg Maritime Motion
District 1900
RAC Bochum
RAC Hamm
RC Passport Eco Planet (Green Star since 2022/23)
RC eClub Ruhr
RC Ennepe-Ruhr
RC Essen-Ruhr
RC Hagen
RC Walsrode
RC Wetter-Herdecke Ruhrtal
District 1920
RC Saalfelden
District 1930
RC Achern Bühl (Footprint calculated since 2022/23)
RAC Freiburg
RAC Friedrichshafen
RAC Konstanz-Kreuzlingen
District 1940
RAC Berlin-Brandenburger Tor (Green Star since 2022/23)
RAC Berlin International
RC Kühlungsborn-Bad Doberan
District 1980
RC Allschwil-Regio Basel
RC Basel-Dreiländereck
RC Basel International
RC Basel-Spalen
RAC Zürich
District 2032
RC La Spezia
District 2041
RC Eco Milano
RC Milano Centro Ovest – calculation started
District 2060
RC Verona Nord
District 2150
RC Braine-L’Alleud – Calculation started
RC Bruxelles (Footprint calculated since 2022/23)
District 2160Ambassador Antonio D.
RAC Luxembourg (Footprint calculated since 2022/23)
District 2203
RC Valencia Centro
District 2231
RC Białystok
District 2241
RAC Timisoara Ripensis
District 2350
RC Stockholm Brommaplan
RC Stockholm Djurgarden – (Green star since 2021/2022)
Distrikt 2420
RAC Istanbul-Tuzla
RC Istanbul-Eurasia
District 2452
RC Lebanon ECO
Distrikt 3201
E-club of Coimbatore Changemakers
District 4400
Guayaquil Astillero
RC Santa Ana de los Ríos de Cuenca
District 5060 – Ambassador Kris C.
RC Wenatchee Confluence – Calculation started
District 5130
RC Sebastopol Sunrise
District 5150
RC of Pacifica
District 5170Ambassador Mark M.
RC San Jose (Green Star since 2021/22)
District 5240
RC San Luis Obispo de Tolosa
District 5340
RC Solana Beach Eco
D 5360
RC of Canmore
District 5400
RC Boise Metro – Calculation started
District 5450
RC Conifer Colorado
District 5500
RC of Saddlebrooke
RC Tucson Verde
District 5960
RC Northfield, Minnesota
D 5950
RC Eden Prairie AM
District 6330
RC Global Passport
RC of Walkerton
D 6400
RC Windsor St. Clair
District 6910
RC Classic City of Athens
District 6930
RC Vero Beach Sunrise
D 7020 Ambassador Doug W.
St. Thomas East Eco (Footprint calculated since 2022/23)
District 7080
RC Oakville Trafalgar
D 7400
RC Johannesburg New Dawn
District 7620
RC Rockville Maryland
D 7630 – Ambassador John S.
RC Rehoboth Beach Sunrise
District 7680
RC Charlotte Dilworth South End
District 9213
RC Kireka Movers
District 9214
RC Kabale
D 9685
RC of Lower Blue Mountains