There are two different CO2 footprint calculators that are described below.

We have developed an online tool, the „Club Carbon Footprint Calculator„. It is currently available in following languages: English, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, German – and with your help we will translate it to your language! It enables the calculation of footprints for North American and European Rotary Clubs, Rotaract Clubs, Interact & Inner Wheel Clubs. The calculator is the official ESRAG calculator for Europe. We are currently developing it further to also support Africa. Based on your feedback we will further improve it. We offer to calculate the CO2 footprint of your club. Example results for the „Munich calculator“ are visible below.
Please send an Email to if you want to have the link to this online tool. After the calculation we can offer you suggestions how to reduce the CO2 footprint of your club. In the future we will compare the footprint to a best practice value. We will not publish and we will not compare the CO2 footprint values of different clubs since the clubs are too different concerning their size (number of members), their activities (events, travel etc.) and their meeting type (presence, hybrid, online). Please see below the example summary results for RC München-Residenz.

There is also an „Australian calculator“ that was developed by ESRAG Oceania. The information about the „Australian calculator“ is available here. The calculator was developed together with an external company and is the official ESRAG calculator for Oceania.

We also encourage your club to compensate your CO2 Footprint if you want. The best thing you can do is to start your own local project – please see our list of alternative projects. You can also support existing projects financially, for this you can use our list of alternatives for compensation – including the cost and our evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of the alternatives. We kindly ask the clubs to link our project on their webpage and to give a small voluntary donation to support our project.

To calculate your private CO2 footprint, a lot of calculators are available in the Internet. You can try for example the calculators from thenatureconservancy or from the globalfootprintnetwork or footprintcalculator